Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thunderstorms & Health Food Stores

This morning we were awoken by one of the most "wow" thunderstorms I've heard in my lifetime (this is impressive considering I grew up in Central Florida, the lightning capital of the world). Never heard thunder quite like that before.

We were going to stay in bed & read for a while but I got an idea & popped out of bed like toast from a toaster shortly before 5 a.m. It's off-peak time!

I'm on what's called a watt-watcher rate for my electric bill & during the winter the off-peak time is between 10 p.m. & 6 a.m. & between 11 a.m. & 5 p.m. I had made waffle batter yesterday & it was nice & thick when I pulled it out of the fridge, so I cooked up 5 waffles, 1 of which I ate.

I'm trying to get a bunch made up & ready for the group of teenagers from DayStar Academy that are coming to stay at our house Friday night.

I left with Karla for Durango around 9 a.m. She dropped Meghan at the dentist, dropped me at Vitamin Cottage & went back to be with Meghan, who ended up having her baby tooth pulled. I unfortunately hadn't thought ahead, so had no cooler to put groceries in. I looked around the store & mentally picked out all the things I wanted. I ended up getting it all because the prices were so good. We went to another health food store (Nature's Oasis) later & EVERYTHING was more expensive there, to the tune of $1 or more on items in the $4 range, which made me even more pleased with my purchase at Natural Grocers/Vitamin Cottage.

Just a small note to myself: this morning after being awakened to the thunderstorm I was feeling kinda blah & this evening I'm happy. It was a good day. Meghan, Karla & I had fun brainstorming menu items & names for our upcoming restaurant on the way home from Durango. Mark even chimed in with some ideas when he called to talk to his mom.

Also, I got Judith Driver signed up as a Preferred Mannatech associate on her dial-up connection! I'm so impressed.

Finally, the new church school teacher called this evening to ask me to be the girls' Pathfinders counselor & to show up tomorrow night at 5:30 p.m. I guess I'll give it a go. After all, it's just Meghan & Cheyenne currently. That sounds doable. I told Dwight that I wasn't very creative but that if he gave me the structure, I could follow it. I am a bookkeeper, after all. I can deal with procedures & clear expectations. Kids, I like, although I'm not a genious with them, as long as they like & respect me, we'll all get along fine. Don't I sound kind of robotic? I wonder if I'll ever be a mother. That's a thought to ponder more another day... Peace out!

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