Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Tomato Canning

Yesterday was another day at the Mundalls, only just Karla & I, this time canning tomatoes with chilis, which I will use in my super fabulous tofu scramble recipe.

Since Karla & I are dreaming about & discussing starting a healthy restauraunt in town, we decided we'd better not be hipocrites, so we need to start exercising, since that's one of the most important aspects of wellness. We were going to walk yesterday, but got busy with canning. We were supposed to walk today at 8:30 a.m., but Meghan has a cavity & was able to get a dentist appointment in Durango today at 10 a.m., so our morning walk is out. I decided to go with them & hang out at the health food store while they're at the dentist's office.

I hope Karla doesn't get tired of me. We spent 2 days in the car last Thursday & Friday together, saw each other at church & potluck, hung out playing games Saturday night, spent all day Sunday working on corn, yesterday on tomatoes & I'm going with her to Durango today. Hmm... Guess it's a test to see if we could be business partners. So far, it seems to be fine...

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  1. Hey I have found my best results from aerobic exercise when doing it in my target heart rate for 30 minutes minimum. :) Just thought I would share. It is a lot more strenuous than walking fast but gets results faster.