Sunday, January 24, 2010

2010-01-23 Strange 3ABN happenings

While watching 3ABN, a strange thing happened. It was the 25th Anniversary of 3ABN & they were having a special live program in Georgia. The main subject was the beginning of 3ABN Russia. Danny Shelton & John Carter were on the stage speaking about the beginning of 3ABN Russia & I found it odd that Danny & John were telling all these stories that were familiar to me because a few months ago I read the book The Cross & the Kremlin by Dwight Nelson. I did't remember John & Danny being in that story, but it may be that my memory is just unreliable in that. But I also found it odd that there was no mention of Dwight Nelson by Danny & John. Is there some kind of rift here or am I imagining things?

Another thing that was odd was that while Danny was making a clarification about the fact that he was speaking of both the President of Russia & about John Carter, but that John Carter was NOT the president of Russia, John made some offhanded comment about how he would make a better president than the current President of Russia. What? Did I hear it right? Olin & I looked at each other like, did you just hear what I heard? Then Olin says Danny looked at the camera & made a cutting motion at his throat to stop the feed, but when it didn't cut right away, Danny backpedaled & assured the Russians & their president that we do in fact love them etc. Then Danny started talking about something that had happened the night before, where the Governor had come to them & told them that all the Adventists had to get out of there & that they had to stop the meetings & that the building was being surrounded by armed policemen. Then, like that, the live feed went off the air & it cut to nature music for 15 minutes. When the program came back on, there was no mention of what had just happened. Does anyone know what on earth happened & what the rest of the story is?