Saturday, January 23, 2010

Tea at 5 a.m.

I'm in the mood for tea again. This is a strange phenomena because I didn't used to like tea. I thought it was just hot watery juice. Ever since I was sick several weeks ago, I've hardly wanted anything but hot things to drink. I even used up the last of of my Postum, sadly, although I've gotten several other suggestions as to what I could "replace" it with. Here is a picture of the ingredients I'm using to make tea this morning. Sliced fresh ginger root, a sliced Cutie (California Clementine), Dried Raspberries from the Vitamin Cottage, some flat cinnamon sticks, cloves & star anise.

I could barely fit it all in.

It wasn't a very strong flavor, so I decided to add a MannaBear for some extra fruityness & a little sweetness...

Well, the result is warm & wet & mildly pleasant. What more could you want from tea after all?


  1. Sounds very yummy and a good idea for the Manna Bear. :) I have found some Stevia that isn't bitter so I've used some of that and really like it.