Friday, March 12, 2010

The Living Room

This post is just the quirky thoughts of a girl who's up way past her bedtime watching Make it or Break it & swooning over actor, Johnny Pacar, who portrays an incredibly romantic boyfriend...

I wish I lived in the living room. My favorite part of this whole house is the living room/kitchen/dining room. The logical reason for this is that it is heated by the gas log & our back bedroom is colder. The real reason, however, (even though I am a logical person) is that it's part of my personality. I don't want to miss out on anything. I like to be out in the open area where everything happens not locked up in the back bedroom where I might miss out on something. The living room is where the TV is; it's where my laptop hangs out. It's where the kitchen is - the food. Windows to the outside. It's open, not cold & closed off. That's the key. I wish I had one of those beds in the living room where the bed folds down from the wall. I wish my bathtub & my closet & my office were all just in little wings off the living room. How weird am I?

The only thing I don't want in the living room is my stuff. I think I would like a small house with a big yard & a big shed for all my stuff. The guest house can be bigger than the regular house. I want to get one of those little Jalopy Cabins & put it on our land for the guest house, but Olin doesn't like that idea. I'm ready to keep the costs down & be practical, if someone would just buy our house at our cost so we could downsize our house & upsize our land. Living on 1/8th of an acre is not what we moved to the country for. I'm extremely thankful for what I have, but I'm ready to dream again & I'm ready to give up what I have for something simpler. God, are you listening to my heart's desire? I don't say this very often, but, I'm ready :)

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  1. That sounds like a wonderful dream. I hope something works out for you! :)