Saturday, September 11, 2010

Nighttime Invader

Yesterday was a long day on our feet at the very first Parelli Performance Summit ( We came home & went to bed early. We're babysitting kitty because our neighbor is out of town. Kitty fussed & cried to go out just before we were headed to bed & I couldn't find him in time to let him in before I hit the pillow. I laid there with sore tired feet, but with a feeling of satisfaction. I'd spent hours Thursday night making a HUGE batch of vegan meatballs from the Mitcheff Sisters cookbook. Friday morning, Olin swept & I mopped, which had been needing to be done & we both took out a bag of trash so that all the trash in the house was emptied. Thursday at lunch I had printed the bulletin & Friday morning Olin folded them for me so we could drop them off on our way back from the Summit. So with this feeling of satisfaction of being ready for Sabbath & being able to truly rest, I fell asleep.

Sometime in the middle of the night, probably only hours or less from the time I fell asleep, I heard the house creek. I woke up & thought, "I bet the cat is jumping up against the door trying to get us to let him in." I was so exhausted & my feet still hurt, so I said to myself, "If I hear him crying, then I'll know it's him & I'll get up to let him in." This was a direct putting off of the impression I got from the Holy Spirit, which was telling me to get up NOW. Sometime later in the middle of the night I heard something alive in my bed that was definitely NOT Olin. It was the cat purring & giving himself a bath. I confirmed this when I reached over & rested my hand on him. I thought to myself, "Did Olin get up & let him in? I never heard him do it." I didn't want to wake Olin up just to ask him, so I rolled over & went back to sleep.

Somewhere around 6 in the morning, I woke up. I got up & went out of the bedroom & the cat jumped out of bed to follow me. When I looked at the front door, my heart almost stopped. The door was open a crack & had apparently been that way ever since the cat let himself in during the night. I confirmed with Olin that he had not gotten up during the night to let the cat in. Ooops! Why don't I listen? I wasn't impressed to get up to let the cat in, I was impressed to get up so that I could close the front door of the house AFTER the cat let HIMSELF in! "What a cat" I think to myself as I shake my head & write this blog. I feel like heaven has been merciful to me in that no raccoon or skunk or deer or anything else let itself in after kitty, at least I haven't seen anything YET!


  1. Wow! Smart kitty.

    It's hard to listen to those little nudges sometimes, isn't it? I'm glad nothing else happened!!

  2. It's so easy to think that it's just our mind talking to itself, and not Someone from above... And when you're tired, and your bed is warm... I understand ignoring that small voice. But we all need to pay attention to His voice more.