Tuesday, May 21, 2013


In light of the above video, Olin & I were discussing "points" yesterday. We've budgeted ourselves to going out to eat once a week, which is a real treat since we used to be on a budget of going out to eat about once a month. The reason for the increase is that we've discovered how much we love the Thai Chilie since it has changed owners. Going there once a week means we usually go there on Mondays, because it's a new week & we can't wait to get our Pad Thai, Thai Roll w/peanut sauce & Massaman curry. We've gotten really efficient. We order as soon as we sit down & hand them our credit card before we get the check, so we're in & out of there in 25 minutes. Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day, so I talked Olin into going for a walk with me afterward, and he was asking how many points he'd get. One, of course. If he would hold my hand, he'd get an extra point, but that was too restrictive, so no bonus point for him. I told him marriage could be restrictive too. He gave me a funny look. He gave me a kiss, since that was an extra point. Last night we were reviewing points & I told him that him taking me out to eat was a point too. I think he's slowly getting the hang of it. :)