Thursday, December 5, 2013

Going Back to Work - the Backstory

In my recent journey of self discovery, a.k.a. me trying to figure out what I want to do, I feel that God has been giving me some hints & clues about what I could do that I would find fulfilling. One of the reasons I quit my job was that I wanted to provide domestic support for my husband. We've recently listened to the audio book "His Needs, Her Needs", which listed domestic support as one of man's deep emotional needs. I felt that in our nine years of marriage I had not excelled in providing this for him, so what better time could there be than this time of transition after moving across country to improve my homemaking skills? He admitted it would be nice to have dinner on the table when he got home from work, so this was my goal - to provide healthy, home-cooked meals every day, and spend some much-needed time unpacking from the move and de-stressing.

I used Tess's Two Week Wellness Solution to get me going with a few recipe ideas. Olin loves the Black-Eyed Peas with Kale, much to my delight & surprise, so that went into the meal planning rotation, along with pot pie, copycat Panera black bean soup in a bread bowl, hummus wraps with tofu & salad, Tess's Sexy Saucy Noodles, homemade veggie burgers, Indian food, and today I added chili & corn bread. Please share any other ideas you might have for us.

Ironically, once I began providing home cooked meals, Olin said he was gaining weight & just wanted to skip dinners now. This leaves lunch as my main meal to plan, since breakfast is granola most mornings.

Within the past week or so, my Facebook friends have shared a couple of articles about getting up early - 5 Steps My Lazy Butt Has Used To Wake Up Before 5AM including one about getting up early to pack a lunch for your husband - Why I've Packed My Husband's Lunch For 15 Years. The lady indicated she had a career herself. I've decided I'm still not quite ready to have children, so staying at home just doesn't seem necessary in order to fulfill my domestic support goals, even though I'm really enjoying it. Olin let me know he was missing the paycheck, and would like me to get another job. Friday I started looking to see what was in the help wanted ads locally, and this week I updated my resume, wrote a cover letter & sent a couple out.


  1. Do you guys like Thai food? I have a great green curry recipe. We also eat sushi a lot - just nori, cucumber, avocado, and rice.

  2. We love Thai food! I guess it's time to cook up some sushi rice. Olin loves sushi too. Thanks.