Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lasagna & Homemade Soy Milk!

Today I made lasagna for the first time and it was a success! O told me he liked it, then said, "did I mention that I like it?" So I'll take that as a two thumbs up. Yay. Here are the things I had around that I was able to use up in making of the 9x13 & 9x9 lasagnas

1 quart homemade tomato sauce that some friends gave us
approximately 12 rice lasagna noodles
1 10 oz bag organic frozen spinach
1 locally grown organic purple onion
1 locally grown organic yellow onion
1 10 oz bag organic frozen bell peppers
about 3/4 cup dry tvp (which I rehydrated)
1 small bulb locally grown organic garlic (approx 4-6 cloves)
some extra virgin olive oil for frying
some leftover cashew cream (made by soaking raw cashews & blending them with water)
the pulp leftover from making a batch of homemade soy milk in my newly acquired Soyajoy4
some organic tamari

9x13 lasagna - Since I didn't cook the noodles first, I put some of the tomato sauce on the bottom of the dish, then added 3 lasagna noodles the long way & broke approx 3/4 of another noodle off for the end of the pan that extended beyond the length of the other 3 noodles. I cooked the onions, garlic & spinach together in some oil in my frying pan and layered 2/3 of that into the pan on top the first layer of noodles. I mixed some tamari into the soybean pulp to give it some saltiness, then stirred that into the cashew cream. The combination of those two was kind of like ricotta cheese. I layered 1/2 that on top the spinach/onion/garlic mixture. Next I put another layer of noodles. Next, I added another layer of tomato sauce. In the frying pan, I added the tvp & and frozen bell peppers to the onion/garlic/spinach mixture & cooked that. I added that on top the tomato sauce layer, then added the other half of the soybean/cashew cream mixture on top of that. I followed with one last layer of noodles, the rest of the tomato sauce & sprinkled with a little bit of vegan shredded cheese. This lasagna was inspired by my new friend Yaneiri, our pastor's wife.

9x9 lasagna - I opened another jar of tamato sauce for this one, used a few less noodles, did similar layering, but since I had used up most of the spinach/bell pepper/onion/garlic/tvp mixture, I added some sliced shiitakes for one of the layers. Since I had used up the soybean/cashew cream mixture, I crumbled up some grilled tofu & mixed it with 1/2 container of tofutti cream cheese and poured in a little bit of the homemade soymilk & used that for my cream layer. I left off the vegan cheese shreds on the top also, since this lasagna is just for O, my mushroom lover.

I baked both lasagnas at 350 for 1 hour with parchment paper covering them.

About the homemade soymilk: as you can see, I have cooked with both the milk & the resulting pulp from making the milk, but I haven't actually tried it yet on cereal or anything. O had it on his granola this morning and couldn't put his finger on what he thought it needed (whether salt or sugar or something else), but he said it was somewhat similar to the Better than Milk Soy Original milk that we had been making from a powder. I will have to have it on my granola tomorrow morning. This morning, I had my granola in some coconut milk yogurt, since I was in a hurry.

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