Monday, December 2, 2013

Tears of Horror

Have you seen any of the following or related articles?

Child taken from womb by social services

Child taken from womb by social services:it's not always wrong

'Operate on this mother so that we can take her baby’

I read them today and they left me in tears of horror. The last one was the most upsetting for me. Especially the part where since the judge "could not risk a failure to maintain her medication in the future, he ruled that the child must be placed for adoption". It's like saying that since there's a possibility you might do the wrong thing someday, I'm going to punish you for the rest of your life by giving your own flesh & blood to some random stranger.

Not only did they conveniently decide the "unborn child" was more than just a fetus and go against the popular "women's right to choose", they literally cut her open & HARVESTED her fetus without her or her family's consent whatsoever, and she wasn't even a citizen of the country! I cannot fathom it. Not even a little bit. People with mental illness are people too. I understand that there must be details I am not privy too. However, I just wonder if anyone understands the precedence that is being set here. It's literally terrifying. It makes me tremble and look to heaven for deliverance from the madness of this world.

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