Wednesday, December 18, 2013

To Do List Item: Be Happy - Check!

I'm the geeky kind that likes to make to do lists & check things off. We have three main locations for them.

First is our monster sized white boards - yes there are more than one of them. We keep them near the door so that we can see them when we are coming & going from the house in case of grocery lists etc. We photograph grocery list on the whiteboard & take our phone with us so we can refer to the picture while at the store to be sure we didn't forget anything.

The other location I like to use is my Google tasks. Once I mark things off, I move them to the "completed list" so they can stay sorted by date, but not stay at the top of my main list pushing my current items down out of view where I would have to scroll to find them.

The third location I just recently started using is a spreadsheet I made in Google Drive. I have a column on the left that list the daily tasks I would ideally complete and columns to the right for each calendar day. I put "be happy" on that list and today I'm checking it off. Some days are just good days - days I feel happy inside for no apparent reason and today ended up being one of those days. I wonder if there will ever be anyone as dorky as me. I just remind everyone that this is why you all love me. Well, most of you anyway :). If you didn't, you wouldn't bother to read my blog.



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