Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Why doesn't success feel like success?

Yesterday was perhaps one of the most productive days I've had in quite some time. Lunch was the best. O came home and we enjoyed a lovely version of our Monday "Panera Day" where I serve black bean soup in a homemade bread bowl along with a fresh salad.

I made tofu for the first time last night and used up some okara by making these muffins.

My yogurt attempt wasn't as successful. I made nondairy yogurt for the first time last Thursday, but without brown rice syrup, my honey substitution turned my first successful yogurt attempt into a too-sweet-to-eat version that we added mango puree to & brought to church potluck as a mango lasse. I was excited to see actual yogurt in the jars Thursday night after 10 hours in the yogurt maker. The batch I made on Sunday night with the brown rice syrup I purchased on Friday did not turn into yogurt because I wasn't thinking & I put the lids on the yogurt before putting them in the yogurt maker. You're not supposed to put the lids on until after they come out of the yogurt maker. I attempted to salvage them by adding a little more store-bought yogurt to each jar & leaving it in there with the lids off for 12 more hours. Last night I was disappointed to see they still hadn't turned out.

I went to bed on a low from my yogurt disappointment, which left me in a weird place today. I stayed in bed most of the day & watched remodeling shows on TV. I finally drag myself downstairs & look in the refrigerator and what do I see? The fruits of my labors from yesterday: enough black bean soup & bread bowls for one more "Panera Day", a double batch of banana nut okara muffins, a beautiful salad and a block of homemade tofu.

Wow, yesterday really was a good day! I may have a few dishes in the sink to show for it but I did several loads yesterday, so the dishes that need to be washed are quite minimal considering. This is just one more example of why not to go through life on feelings alone.

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