Sunday, April 13, 2014

Future Happiness

I don't know about you, but for me it's easy to end up in a rut emotionally sometimes, especially when it comes to motivation. I read a couple of great blogs my friend Bipin shared on Facebook late last year about why procrastinators procrastinate & how to overcome procrastination. I got a lot out of them. If you haven't seen them, you can check them out here:

Lately spring in Maine has been toying with us. The snow is being washed away by the rain and most of the time it's above freezing now. I started making popsicles. I put Welch's grape juice in ice cube trays and enjoy them for days. I made some on Friday and last night there were just enough for each of the 16 people at our house to have one. It's such a simple thing to do now that will create happiness in the very near future. Let's see what else I can do today that will bring about happiness, rather than disappointment into my future. I think that sounds better than a "to do list". What do you think?

Today's brainstorming & other random thoughts: I'm thankful for the inspiration I get from Pinterest, and sometimes Facebook & Google+. Also, I think I should make a blog called "Closer to the Garden" that could encompass everything from country living, beautiful landscaping, gardening, food, recipes, eating, picnics, composting, crafts with food, rest & relaxation, hammocks, bonfires, healthy living, wellness, natural remedies, reducing, reusing, recycling, do it yourself ideas, simplifying...